Continuing the Skye OMalley Legacy, BESIEGED follows the adventures of Lady Fortune Lindley as she returns to the land of the OMalleys.

Lady Jasmine, her husband James Leslie, and Lady Fortune arrive in Ulster where Jasmine hopes to find a suitable husband for Fortune. Aside from this, Fortune is due to inherit Maguires Ford, an estate where Protestants and Catholics peacefully live togetherif she marries a Protestant.

William Devers seems a likely candidate for a husband. But his mothers overpowering prejudice against Catholics and her schemes to expel them from Maguires Ford cause Fortune to pause before making the wedding arrangements.

Then Fortune meets Williams brother Kieran, whos been disinherited because he is a devout Catholic. William may be the logical choice for a husband, but Kieran is the one who arouses her passion. Will William stand in the way?

With the plot centering on the historical basis for the Irish Problem, the animosity between Protestants and Catholics, Ms. Small brings a new dimension to a world problem. Only someone of Ms. Smalls caliber could create such a marvelous sensual read and make history relevant. BESIEGED does just what the very best of historical romance should do: educate, stimulate and arouse. SENSUAL (Mar., 333 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin