Heller is back with another offbeat
and funny look at love and relationships. Nobody can take situations and turn them on their ear quite like Heller—and the results are always a riot!

Amy Sherman and Tara Messer were best friends, until Tara slept with Amy's fiancé, Stuart, and stole him away. Since then Amy has built a good life as the publicity director of a publishing house. When she runs into Tara, who asks about her love life, Amy lies and says she is engaged. She has no idea she'll be handling publicity for Tara's new book boasting about her perfect life with Stuart.

Trapped in her lie, Amy refuses to give up: She will produce a fake fiancé rather than admit she lied. That is easier said then done, however. When Tara mentions how much she and Stuart love mystery writer Tony Stiles, Amy blurts out that he is her fiancé. Amy and the surly Tony do not have a banner relationship, but surprisingly, Tony agrees to help. Things take an even more surreal turn when Stuart suddenly disappears.

(Apr., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith