The heat level is blazing hot as readers are given powerful glimpses into the sex lives of everyday couples. Teresa Noelle Roberts’ “Waiting for Ilya” finds balance between children and an active sex life. Catherine Paulsen’s “Three Nights Before the Wedding” shows us a bride and groom who decide to please themselves instead of their families, while Geneva King’s “Last One Hundred Days” tells of a divorced couple who find themselves getting along much better after the papers are signed. Humorous at times, with a realistic base, each story offers good advice for both the bedroom and life in general.

Seventeen authors all lend their romantic expertise in this collection of erotic contemporary stories. Different situations show new love, old love, rekindled love and ending love. Though the stories are short, each contains strong, personable characters who in their brief appearances, use everything in their arsenals to fight for the love they want and need. (CLEIS, Feb., 222 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson