Image of The Best of Friends (Pocket Readers Guide)


Image of The Best of Friends (Pocket Readers Guide)

The Best of Friends is a modern-day Cinderella tale with an emotional impact that makes it difficult to put down. The novel is filled with larger-than-life characters whose connections to one another are richly layered with a mix of angst, devotion and love. The twists and turns of friendship and betrayal are explored in this fast-paced, memorable story.

Orphaned while still in high school, Jayne Scott was taken in by the wealthy family of her unlikely best friend and jewelry- store heiress, Rebecca Worden. After high school, Rebecca left for Europe and established her- self as a jewelry designer. Jayne stayed in Los Angeles, becoming a nurse and Rebecca’s mother’s unpaid assistant. For years, Jayne has had a secret crush on Rebecca’s brother David. When David becomes interested in Jayne, Rebecca and her mother make it clear that she is not worthy of marrying into the family. Jayne decides that the only way to free herself from her subservient role is to deny her love for David and move away. (POCKET, Oct., 350 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett