Revel in the delights of a totally irrepressible heroine, a handsome earl and unexpected love from Candice Hernwhat more could any romance reader want?

Miles Prescott, the widowed Earl of Strickland, has no intention of re-marrying for love, no matter what matchmaking schemes his sister hatches. So when she announces her forthcoming visit to his country estate in the company of a young debutante and her widowed sister, he is quick to make his position clear.

His new guests, however, are not at all what he expects. It is the widowed Lady Abingdon who is the society beauty, while Miss Hannah Fairbanks has far better things to do with her time. Architecture fascinates her, especially old architecture like that of the ancient Saxon church near the earls estate.

And now the earl finds himself on the horns of a dilemmawill he choose the suitable widow or follow his heart?

With fresh, crisp characterization and unerring romantic sensibility, Ms. Hern brings to joyous life all the wonder of falling in love in this deceptively simple, impeccably crafted keeper for the heart. (June, 215 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer