Living in a new city, with a new ministry and a syndicated inspirational column, Pastor Curtis Black is on the rise again with younger wife, Charlotte, by his side. Curtis, now on his third marriage, is more than confident that he'll get back to his days of living lavishly.

Time isn't something 25-year-old Charlotte is sure she's willing to give Curtis, though. Temptation is a powerful force that has beckoned to both her and her husband before, and not content with her husband's slow progress, she is led astray.

Roby takes on controversial issues—Curtis is a pastor and dealing with the aftermath of having an affair with a then-17-year-old Charlotte while married to wife no. 2 in this book's predecessor, Too Much of a Good Thing—and produces an engrossing read. A bit slow to start, The Best-Kept Secret quickly gains momentum. Roby deftly takes on obsession, money, power, scandal and sex. (Feb., 262 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton