Fine will win over fans of Abbi Glines and Katie McGarry with this. Eloquently written, Fine’s story has a way of making even the most minor characters leap off the page. Although this tragic love story isn’t particularly new or original to the genre, that doesn’t make it less enjoyable to read.

A year after her life was shattered in a tragic accident, Pixie is still a shell of her former self, running away from a loss she refuses to face. She’s spending the summer working as a kitchen assistant in middle-of-nowhere Arizona at her beloved Aunt Ellen’s inn. The summer would be a perfect retreat from her past — except for the fact that she’s living next door to, and sharing a bathroom with, the inn’s summer handyman. How can she run away from her past when he keeps using all the hot water? Drowning his grief in hard labor, Levi is shocked to run into his childhood best friend Pixie at his summer job. Levi refuses to acknowledge their past, but can’t avoid the fiery chemistry that sparks between them. Grief caused him to withdraw from everything he once cared about; will love motivate him to rejoin the world? (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM, dl $4.99, E, 18 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller