When her significant other abruptly dumps her, Christine Dobbins turns to her best friends, the Yellow Brick Road Gang. The gang quickly decide that Christine is better off without Charlie's negative energy and that a new fling is what she needs.

Christine's attempt at a fling ends in disaster, but while recovering from her back injury, she has a mystical experience with some dancing lights. When a handsome man appears in her kitchen, Christine assumes he's the new contractor, but Daniel Burns is much more than that -- and he's not even human. But rather than be terrified, Christine is intrigued, for Daniel is Christine's dancing lights in solid form. He explains that he's from another dimension, and it was Christine's soul that called out to him. Mankind is in desperate need of new directions and, according to Daniel, it's women like Christine who may change the world.

In the first of three Guardian stories, the always transfixing O'Day–Flannery builds a new world view with a decidedly spiritual and metaphysical bent. The power of love, friendship and forgiveness manifests in both the character's growth and the potent theme. A book that is both emotional and hopeful! (Jun., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith