Image of The Best Man (Hqn)


Image of The Best Man (Hqn)

This otherwise interesting story is hindered by a number of slightly unlikable secondary characters, and the romance seems takes a backseat to the heroine’s relationship with her gay ex-fiancé. It is made abundantly clear that the heroine is large-busted, the hero has muscular arms and the heroine’s dog likes to hump the hero’s leg. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to imagine this couple having a happy ever after.

Faith Holland is left at the altar by her high school sweetheart, who suddenly realizes he’s gay. Since then, by trial and error, Faith has learned to check the background of any man she gets involved with closely. Back home in Manningsport, N.Y., she finds herself in the middle of family troubles. Police chief Levi Cooper apparently didn’t care for Faith in high school, especially when she became his best friend’s fiancée, but he is well liked by her family. Things get uncomfortable when they discover feelings for each other, especially since Faith blames him for her failure to marry. (HQN, Mar., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley