Sparks does it again! The author known for his tear-jerkers doesn’t disappoint with a story that explores how our past shapes our future and whether redemption can be found in sacrifice. Fans of the author may appreciate the neatly tied-up ending, while others will find the reliance on coincidence and ghosts less gratifying.

From different sides of the tracks, Amanda and Dawson fall deeply in love as teens. They learn the hard way that what they want isn’t what they can have. Dawson sacrifices his dream of a life with Amanda so her parents will pay for her college education. That one decision changes both of their lives forever. She eventually marries, but her happiness is tainted by death and alcoholism. Dawson lives a monklike existence after accidentally killing a man. Now, brought back together after 25 years, their love is as strong as it ever was, helping them to heal. Unfortunately, their pasts and presents collide with deadly consequences, but the tragedy may be a chance for redemption for more than just Dawson. (GRAND CENTRAL, Oct., 288 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison