At 17, Rae Faith fled her abusive home with only a few dollars in her pocket and a baby named Ginny to raise. Rae and Ginny finally settle in the small town of Decline, GA, where eventually Rae marries traveling salesman John Maddy.

Although not in love, John and Rae develop a comfortable life for themselves and Ginny. John travels so much that Rae is free to pursue her writing.

Her life is shattered the day Dallas Calhoun arrives in town. Concerned because John is several weeks overdue, Rae is not prepared for Dallas' allegations. According to him, the man she knew as John died in a plane crash. In truth, however, there was no John Maddy, for he was really Warren Niel, a man married to Dallas' sister. Not only is Dallas accusing John of bigamy-he also claims John stole money belonging to the Calhoun family corporation.

Finding a letter and money left by John, Rae realizes he did not expect to return. Was John/Warren's accident really murder? Also, where is the "missing" money? To find the answers, Rae takes on the Calhoun family in their own territory. Dallas both desires Rae and admires her guts. But until all questions are resolved, no one will be free to pursue the future.

Delivering steamy and explosive stories is what the sensational Ms. Cameron does best. This novel serves up both its passion and its revenge hot! (Feb., 448 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith