Thompson’s chilling novel brings out the best and the worst humans have to offer. Grit, determination, and loyalty offset the evil mind of a psychopath. Tension mounts as Lauren and Brent cannot determine friend from foe in this cleverly constructed drama. Be prepared for a shock!

Lauren Miller is incredulous when she receives a phone call with the news her younger sister committed suicide. Caught up in her grief, she’s even more skeptical when FBI agent Brent Durant appears with the story of the Troll King. A vicious serial killer who coerces his victims into taking their own lives, he apparently claimed the life of Durant’s wife as his first victim two years earlier. Angry enough to avenge her sister’s death, Lauren joins forces with Brent although he’s been dismissed from the Agency. They don’t take him seriously and neither do the local police. But there’s a spark between them that forges a bond beyond their common goal of revenge. Lauren assumes the guise of the other victims to entice the Troll King to reveal himself, but must be careful not to become his next target. (MONTLAKE, Apr., 326 pp., $12.95)

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Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown