Image of Bet on a Cowboy


Image of Bet on a Cowboy

BET ON A COWBOY (4) by Julie Benson: Producer Maggie Sullivan knows Griffith McAllister will make the perfect contestant for the show she’s been allowed to pull together: Finding Mrs. Right. If the ratings are high enough and Griff finds a bride, it could lead to a permanent gig. Griff doesn’t want a wife — even though he’s surprisingly attracted to the badly dressed Maggie — but he does need money to pay for his mother’s experimental cancer treatments, so he’s willing to go on the show even if he has to ditch the potential bride after the wrap. What neither counts on is the very inconvenient romance that flares between them. Benson takes the reality TV world and bends it around in this charming cowboy romance.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper