Image of Betrayal: A Bella Terra Deception Novel (Scarlet Deception)


Image of Betrayal: A Bella Terra Deception Novel (Scarlet Deception)

In concluding her engrossing trilogy featuring the Di Luca brothers and a decades-old mystery of wine and diamonds, Dodd pulls out all the stops! The core of this trilogy has been about families and the ties that can bind or destroy. Terrifying danger and breathless passion add up to one unforgettable read!

Noah Di Luca has been keeping secrets from his brothers and Nonna, both out of concern for their safety and disgust at his own actions. Although his brothers blame their family’s nemesis, Joseph Bianchin, for the death connected to the hunt for a rare bottle of wine and missing diamonds, Noah knows there is a more perilous party in the mix. Nine years ago, Penelope Alonso’s youthful heart was crushed by Noah, but recently life has given her more devastating blows. Penelope has come to Bella Terra to confront Joseph about the past. All too soon Penelope and Noah reignite the fires of their passion, but Noah fears the danger surrounding him will destroy any hope they have of a second chance. (SIGNET, Apr., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith