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Image of Betrayal (Exposed Series)


Image of Betrayal (Exposed Series)

Chase delivers an astounding sequel to Exposed and Deception. Betrayal is brimming with tantalizing and addictive sex, gutsy dialogue and conniving and demented characters — all linked in a frenzied scandal that boggles the mind right up until the bombshell climax. Brandon’s masterful performance in the courtroom and bedroom keeps Tamia aching with desire — unfortunately, his pedigree demands that he marry Cynthia instead. Stories about the demons of love, politics and power abound. Chase develops a twist on betrayal that is superb.

Brandon Chambers and Tamia Luke are soul mates who are driven apart by unbridled treachery and obsessions. Tamia is an ex-porn star; Brandon is heir apparent to a dynasty. Cynthia Yarbrough, daughter of a prominent pastor, will be the perfect wife for Brandon according to their parents. Brandon got Tamia released from prison for two murders she did not commit, but it soon becomes clear she’s not the only one trapped by their past. Betrayal comes naturally to those who want to keep their secrets hidden by any means necessary. (DAFINA, Apr., 368 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton