Image of Betrayal of Trust: A J. P. Beaumont Novel


Image of Betrayal of Trust: A J. P. Beaumont Novel

This is a heart-pounding thrill ride of a read. The action begins immediately and doesn’t let you go until its satisfying conclusion. J.P. Beaumont and his partner on the job, as well as in life, make a powerful team and their interactions always ring true. A wonderful summer read, this is one that is sure to satisfy.

Seattle PIs J.P. Beaumont and Mel Soames are called in to a case that calls for the utmost discretion. Beau isn’t sure why until he finds out that the governor has found a snuff film on her grandson’s cell phone. The governor wants this taken care of quietly and quickly, although that might not be possible when Beau realizes the victim as well as the perpetrators are minors. While there are political repercussions to heed, Beau is more concerned about making sure that no more innocent lives are lost. (MORROW, Jul., 352 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer