BETRAYED is the long awaited beginning of the MacKenzie Trilogy, which brings back that Highland Rogue, Lachlan MacKenzie, and his daughters.

Sarah MacKenzie has always believed that Lachlan is her father. But when she discovers she is not the Duke of Ross' child, she flees the MacKenzie home for Edinburgh, breaking her engagement to Henry Elliot and forfeiting her dowry.

Henry's family needs the money to free him from debtor's prison and his mother sends Henry's brother Michael to win Sarah-and her money-back.

Michael has spent the last couple of years with the East India Company and has just returned home with King's Complement. Michael has little use for his brother or domineering mother, but once he meets the feisty Sarah he's determined to win her over-for himself.

Arnette Lamb captures the era with fine strokes and rich colors. BETRAYED is a truly charming, yet powerful and emotional romance brimming with familial love and romantic sentiment. SENSUAL (Nov., 268 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin