At fifteen and head of the family, it is up to Fiona Hay to gain her sisters' dowries. She steals her lairds cattle, and when he comes to reclaim them she bargains that shell trade herself for the cattle.

Angus agrees, bringing her home as his honored mistress and even taking her to King James court.

When James Stewart returns to Scotland as king he is determined to unite the country and he is not beyond using his friendship with Angus to gain what he wants. And what he wants is for Fiona to spy on the rebellious Highland king, Alexander MacDonald.

Thus Fiona becomes a pawn in James game, betrayed by her king, forced to sacrifice her happiness and love for Angus by being handfasted to Colin MacDonald while Angus is on a mission for James.

Angus returns to find Fiona gone, and James makes sure his search for her is unsuccessful. Believing Angus has married another, Fiona marries Colin, has three children and though she never loves Colin as she did Angus, she is a good and loyal wife.

However, the day comes when James calls the MacDonalds together. Their confrontation ends in tragedy, leaving Fiona to return home to face her long lost love and the secret she carries.

Like all of Ms. Smalls heroines, Fiona is a strong, courageous woman who will defy the king when she fights for what she believes is right. She is a woman to be admired and loved by two incredible men like Angus and Colin.

Brimming over with history, sensuality, fascinating characters (real and fictitious) BETRAYED is what Bertrice Small fans adore; a lush, rich tale of people torn apart and brought together, of lively history and colorful adventures. One wonders if we will see more of Fiona and Angus as time goes by. SENSUAL (Nov., 390 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin