Image of Betrayed (Rockfort Security)


Image of Betrayed (Rockfort Security)

York’s Rockfort Security series continues with Betrayed, an installment filled with several high-octane moments. The action sequences are coupled with a romance that is at times sweet and at others, steamy, as the hero and heroine draw closer to one another while on the run from the bad guys. Although the romance and suspense are strong points in the story, the heroine’s family dynamics fall short. And the choice of villain seems a bit unbelievable and, at one point, almost like an afterthought.

Rockfort Security operative Shane Gallagher has been tapped to find a security leak at S&D Systems. While working undercover, he finds himself attracted to systems analyst Elena Reyes. But he hasn’t ruled her out as a suspect yet. As Shane and Elena get closer to each other — and the truth — so do the bad guys. They inevitably find themselves on the run for their lives. And then there’s Elena’s family ties ... could someone close to her actually be putting her in harm’s way? (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 317 pp., 7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch