American Elizabeth "Bette" McCaslin is best friends with Jewish-German immigrant Gretel. Gretel has come to stay with Bette's family for protection during Hitler's reign.

In America, Bette and Gretel suffer only the harsh ridicule of the rich girls. Curt is new in town and dashingly handsome. He could have his pick of the girls, but he chooses Bette. Soon marriage is inevitable, but their relationship is affected by the injustice happening to those close by and far away.

Bette becomes involved in situations that cause her to seem deceitful, but she believes the end justifies the means. Besides, God is in control of everything, right? Events swirl around her, and Bette is forced to make difficult life choices. Will her marriage survive? Will her relationship with the Lord survive? Written in a relaxed style, Bette is the sequel to Chloe, her mother's story. There are plenty of conflicts in Bette but at times the resolutions seem too simple. (Sep., 304 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin