Trying to do the right thing nearly cost accountant Samantha Robbins everything. After attempting to blow the whistle on illegal dealings by her former employer, PowerTec, Samantha enters the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, the people who want her dead are part of a super-secretive, technically savvy weapons company called Obelisk Enterprises. When she is nearly killed after her latest cover is blown, Samantha is relocated again, this time to Hawaii.

Chad Langston is a former Delta Force operative turned successful dive shop owner. He also takes on side jobs involving underwater forensics and testing new top-secret equipment for the government. When Samantha starts working for Chad's good friend, he finds himself highly attracted to her.

What neither of them realizes is that Chad's latest test project is one that Obelisk will kill to obtain. Suddenly they both are in Obelisk's crosshairs, and with each sworn to secrecy trust will not be easy to come by.

Nail-biting suspense punctuates this thrilling romantic adventure. The name Meryl Sawyer is synonymous with exceptional romantic suspense. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith