Image of A Better Man


Image of A Better Man
A BETTER MAN (4) by Emilie Rose: Roth Sterling takes a job as police chief in his hometown to keep an eye on his mother, after she agrees to reconcile with his recently paroled abusive father. Being home also allows him to reconnect with Piper Hamilton, the girl he loved and lost years earlier when her father forced him to enlist in the military and leave town. At first determined to leave once his mother is settled and safe, Roth learns the town and Piper have more sway over him than he thought — especially when he learns that Piper has a young son who’s just about the age their child would be if Piper had kept it. Excellent dialogue and a well-written, smoothly flowing storyline make for a worthwhile read, and Roth and Piper’s resolution of their past problems lead to a natural, nicely paced conclusion.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay