Image of Betting on the Cowboy


Image of Betting on the Cowboy

BETTING ON THE COWBOY (4.5) by Kathleen O’Brien: After finding her fiancé/employee in bed with a client’s wife and learning he’s been stealing from her company, Brianna Wright heads home to Colorado to recover emotionally from the setback. Brianna’s sister is turning the family home into a dude ranch, and Brianna must learn to work with Grayson Harper, local boy gone wrong turned gorgeous cowboy. Grayson is helping to ready the ranch in order to prove himself to his grandfather and get his inheritance, and Brianna begins to realize there’s more to the cowboy than just good looks. O’Brien’s latest is hard to resist. Grayson is as charming as Bree is likable, and quirky secondary characters only add charm to the tale.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay