Image of Between Darkness and Daylight


Image of Between Darkness and Daylight

McKeever tells an intensely heated
love story loaded with both blazing
sex and sensitive family relationships. Plot twists will keep you guessing,
and several subplots dovetail into a nail-biting conclusion.

A vision compels psychic Nova Foxx to help a man 3,000 miles away without knowing which side of the law he is on. After discovering he's one of the good guys -- and a guy who definitely turns her on -- she tries to convince him that he's in jeopardy. Social worker Zane Youngblood not only pays special attention to each of his cases, he's responsible for his nephew and shakes off Nova's warning. Unfortunately, a psychopath is stalking them and those around them. Nova and Zane find comfort in each other's arms -- and every other conceivable body part -- although the stalker is close at hand. (Siren, Mar., 336 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown