Image of Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea (Royal Entourage)


Image of Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea (Royal Entourage)

Book one in the Royal Entourage series takes humor to new heights as the clever and talented Nash brings a bit of The Hangover to Regency England. Her delightfully outspoken, rebellious heroine and sexy, honorable hero are a perfect match and readers will savor every word of their sprightly repartee as well as the tinge of mystery.

Banished by the Prince Regent to the countryside, the Duke of Kress, Alexander Barclay, arrives to find a woman clinging to the rocks. Roxanne Vanderhaven is shocked when her hunt for her beloved dog leads to nearly falling to her death, but she’s stunned when her husband simply leaves her there. When Alex rescues her, Roxanne poses as a distant relative in his home until she can retaliate for her husband’s actions. Roguish Alex acts the gentleman until he can no longer resist Roxanne, who has begun falling in love with him. Then things turn dire for her husband and suspicion is thrown on Alex. Somehow with Roxanne, his friends and even the Prince’s help, the truth will be revealed. (AVON, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin