When it comes to conducting an enduring romantic relationship, journalist Dallas Oliver keeps striking out. Dallas' best friend since childhood has been flame-haired Valerie Holland. Despite the differences in their personalities and races, this is an enduring friendship. Dallas is also a doting godmother to Valerie's young daughter Megan. The close bond these two women share is put to the test when a man comes between them.

Alex Marco is an ex-Navy Seal turned marine salvage expert who has spent much of his life on the outside. As a teenager, Alex learned that his biological father, Vincent Marco, wanted nothing to do with him. Vincent had a family he loved, his wife Lillian and son Nicholas; consequently, there was no room for Alex in this picture. But gentle Lillian insists that Alex is and should remain a part of this extended family.

Nicholas, Valerie and Dallas all grew up together, and while Valerie may have fond memories of Nicholas, all Dallas can remember is his bigotry and attempted rape. It was Alex who rescued teenage Dallas and has kept her secret. Nicholas' sudden death is the catalyst that brings the trio together for the first time. Emotions simmer, and while Alex finds Valerie attractive, Dallas stirs his heart. Secrets from the past haunt each of the players in this drama. In the end, can love, trust and friendship find a way to endure?

Superb Ms. Kitt outdoes herself with this terrific story of friendship and love caught in an emotional triangle. Be sure to put BETWEEN FRIENDS on your must read list! (June, 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith