Join Ms. Macomber on a journey through more than fifty years of friendship between two very different yet equally strong women. In a story told entirely through letters, newspaper articles, receipts, and other forms of written medium, these women's lives are laid open and the history of our country is seen at the same time.

Follow these women through love, loss, triumph and tragedy. I guarantee that you will absolutely love the trip.

The most unlikely of friends, Jillian Lawton and Lesley Adamski are as close as kin. Jillian is the adored, well provided for, only child, leading a life of privilege. Lesley, on the other hand, is the first of six children. Her conception forced her mother to marry a man who spent most of his life drunk and out of work.

These beginnings influence the choices they make. Lesley misses her opportunity to make something of her life by going to college and instead marries a man just like her father and has two children by the time she's 19. Jillian falls for a good-hearted boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Nick Murphy.

But Vietnam changes everything.

(Jun., 336 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson