Bostwick’s latest is so full of heart, it’s amazing it all fits on the pages. Her characters feel genuine, and their wisdom in the face of intense difficulty is profound. A prequel to the Cobbled Court Quilts series, this can stand on its own, satisfying longtime fans and inspiring new ones.

Twins Mary Dell and Lydia Dale Templeton grow up in Too Much, Texas, where the men are handsome but lazy and the women are usually in charge. The women in their family have one fatal flaw: a weakness for shiftless men. Fortunately, they’re also gifted with amazing sewing skills. When Mary Dell’s dream of turning her love of sewing into a business becomes a dream of having babies with her husband, Donny, she must come to terms with what really matters in life. (Kensington, May, 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes