Ruthless businessman Jake Mason knows he's going to die of boredom in Lamar, Alabama-until he sees the most incredibly sexy woman, near naked and glistening as she rises from Matthias Sanders' swimming pool. Before he can discover the burnished bombshell's name, she disappears, leaving him strangely aching, strangely empty.

Newspaperwoman Eleanor Sanders dislikes Jake on sight. He's too handsome, too rich and too charming. The merger he proposes is also too good to be true. Despite their fathers' long-standing friendship, Eleanor distrusts Jake and is determined to expose him for the hustler she suspects he is. Unfortunately, she's no more a match for his lethal looks and suave manner than a lamb against a lion. That he hasn't recognized her as the woman at the pool only adds to her ire.

BETWEEN THE LINES is author Angela Benson's latest romantic confection, with the heady flavor of an Amaretto Liqueur and the rich sensuality of smooth, sweet cream! (May, 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson