Image of Between the Sheets (The Boys of Bishop)


Image of Between the Sheets (The Boys of Bishop)

Between the Sheets, while extremely sexy and erotic, also delves deep into matters of the heart and family. This book tells an intricate story about having a parent with Alzheimer’s, child abandonment and deep-seated issues of inadequacy; the complexity is not to be taken lightly. The characters are genuine, their stories are authentic and there is a rawness of emotion that is completely unexpected. The chemistry Ty and Shelby share is electric and their sex scenes are sizzling on a whole new level. This is a fantastic read that surprises and thoroughly delights.

After years of running away from his bad decisions, Wyatt Svenson has settled down in Bishop, Ark., to raise a son he only recently knew he had. His neighbor, Shelby Monroe, is the definition of a cool blonde, and when she turns out to be his son’s art teacher and she genuinely cares about his kid, the attraction can’t be denied. Under Shelby’s cool and structured image is a woman who uses sex to deal with her emotions and Wyatt is happy to help. Shelby doesn’t want love, but if she opens up just a little, Wyatt will show her it’s worth taking the chance. (BANTAM, Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes