Beautifully rendered
and lyrically written, Henry's latest is part
pure women's fiction, part mystery.
As one woman delves into her past,
she uncovers secrets that allow her
to find closure with a previous tragedy and move on with her life.

Shortly after her father's death, Catherine Leary leaves her Cedar Valley, S.C., home to journey to her childhood home along South Carolina's Seaboro River. Forrest Anderson, her father's former college research assistant, joins Catherine in her journey, as she fulfills her father's wish to have his ashes scattered across the river.

While in Seaboro, Catherine visits Ellie, a woman she loved as dearly as her own mother until the tragic day when Ellie's young toddler drowned, and 11-year-old Catherine felt responsible. Ellie now has Alzheimer's, and she has rare lucid moments during which Catherine reconnects with her. As Catherine uncovers secrets of her father's past, she finds herself attracted to Forrest, even as she discovers that her boyfriend, Thurman, has been lying to her. (NAL, Jun., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick