Image of Between Two Queens (Secrets of the Tudor Court)


Image of Between Two Queens (Secrets of the Tudor Court)

Once again Emerson exposes more Secrets of the Tudor Court, this time through the eyes of Anne (Nan) Bassett, maid of honor to several of Henry
VIII's wives. Emerson's sharp eye for court nuances, intrigues and passion
thrusts readers straight into Nan's
life, and the swift pace will sweep
you along.

At 16, Nan leaves France hoping to find a place as Queen Jane Seymour's maid of honor, but it's Henry who chooses the vivacious girl for his wife's retinue. When Jane dies, Nan goes to live with her cousin, the Countess of Sussex, but is recalled to court when Henry marries Anne of Cleves. Headstrong and willful, Nan takes matters of the heart into her own hands, falling in love with a courtier, then being forced to give away the child of her indiscretion.

Nan remains at court while Catherine Howard is queen and after her execution. She once more catches the king's eye, but Henry selects Katherine Parr as wife number six. Caught between queens and her family's possible involvement in Cromwell's plot, Nan is lucky to keep her head and find love. (POCKET, Jan., 360 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin