Longtime RT reviewer Smith's debut time-travel romance shows great promise and a talent for plotting, character development and dialogue. She competently juggles current-day and Regency England vernacular, moves the story along and packs a bunch of plot into one novella. Some may pause at the heroine using her cell phone in the 1810s, but if readers are willing to accept time travel, this device shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

While researching her latest book, Leah accidentally time-travels to another century, landing in the bathtub of Alistair MacKinnon, Laird of MacKinnon Castle. Leah's time-traveling explanation is quickly proved, thanks in part to Mac's housekeeper, and she goes about trying to find her way back home.

Emerging feelings for Mac make the search bittersweet, however. Especially when Mac's devious cousin arrives at the castle, claiming it as his own. Soon Leah is helping Mac find a way to protect his property ... and she winds up engaged to the physically imposing -- and impressive -- Scot. (THEWILDROSEPRESS.COM, dl $3.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg