As her impressive track record of award-winning novels proves, Constance O'Day-Flannery is a superb storyteller whose talents grab readers and never let them go. Marvelous reading.

Despite having her own thriving business and good friends, Suzanne Griffin is lonely and looking for love. Hoping to cheer Suzanne up, her best friend Leslie Peterson gets Suzanne tipsy and together they brew a love spell. To their surprise and horror the spell has an unexpected side effect; it produces Suzanne's perfect man all right, the only problem is that he is from the previous century.

Attorney Ian Stewart Chandler is enraged and nervous. Who are these two witches, and how did they pull him from the ocean? Ian had been on a quest to find his missing love Marissa Hamilton when he was tossed overboard from the ship. Marissa's powerful family had spirited her away and refused to let Ian see her again.

Desperate for guidance Suzanne and Leslie consult one of Leslie's new age teachers. Rahmin is most fascinated and explains that Suzanne has many unresolved issues from the distant past, and that with their love spell Suzanne and Leslie have pulled on one thread. The connection between Ian and Suzanne is strong since Marissa is one of Suzanne's ancestors.

There are obstacles from the past and the present that pose roadblocks to any future happiness. Old debts must be repaid and Suzanne's family owes Ian a big one. When it comes due, will it destroy any chance of happiness between Suzanne and Ian?

(Aug., 400pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith