The Elvin Jalen has found his heartmate, Ranelle, and has sworn to protect her from the Sorcerer Zanden. If Zanden can bed Ranelle, he'll conquer the world. To prevent this, Jalen slips in and out of the shadows, following Ranelle, who is aware of his presence and finds even his shadow arousing.

When Zanden successfully kidnapping Ranelle, Jalen races against time to claim her as his own and perform the sacred ceremony that will bond them together forever. To complicate matters, the headstrong Ranelle runs away when he locates her, angered to learn that Jalen wed her without her permission.

Book 2 of the Seraphine Chronicles lives up to its promise; McCray pens another winner! From erotic scenes between the sexy Jalen and the insatiable Ranelle to even more erotic adventures in the Faerie kingdom, readers will love this fast-paced story. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel