Once the most sought-after bachelor in England, Michael Vane, Duke of Sherrington, now lives in isolation at his dark, brooding mansion on the moors. Ever since the strange illness that nearly took his life, Michael has suffered debilitating seizures that leave him weak, and far worse, a madman in the eyes of the ton. As no respectable lady will have him, Michael has accepted his hermitage, oblivious of his distant cousins devious plan to have him declared insane.

But his grandmother has other plans to save Michael from a fate worse than death, and preserve the duchy for the rightful heir. She plans to wed her dearest friends granddaughter to Michael. The dowagers devise a plan for the American heiress to wed Michael when she arrives in England.

Though Michael is opposed to the marriage from the start, his grandmother has a few tricks up her sleeve and convinces Michael that marrying Emily is his only option. Thrice-betrothed, Emily knows the curse that haunts her will prevent her from ever finding and marrying for love, and thus she consents to her grandmothers wishes, never expecting to find love on the isolated moors of Dartmoor.

But Emily and Michael find a love that transcends all else as it heals wounded souls and hearts, conquering the inner demons that would keep them enslaved within the darkness of a world without hope. Heather Cullman has penned a tale that will pierce your heart with its tenderness and beauty. SENSUAL (Feb., 353 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor