This collection of three paranormal novellas is sure to cast a spell over readers that like their romance liberally sprinkled with magic and humor.

In "Everything She Does Is Magick," Aurora Sortilege's aunts have big plans for her. They know that Aurora and Nathan McBride are destined for one another, even if Aurora and Nathan do not. Aurora has spent most of her life bearing the brunt of Nathan's -- and everyone else's -- teasing about being a witch. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that in order to keep her powers, she must be intimate with him.

A "Musketeer by Moonlight" spins the tale of Mary Catherine Hammer who, on the run from the mob, is so desperate for protection that she conjures up a sexy musketeer who turns her wishes true.

In the entertaining tale "The Con and the Crusader," confidence man Jack McCain is in trouble. As he falls into a well, he makes a wish and emerges unharmed -- but in the 1800s! When a marriage proposal from an attractive widow presents an opportunity to escape prison, Jack accepts and, in doing so, may transform his life.

Each story offers attractive, interesting characters in imaginative plots. Shayne delivers a thoroughly entertaining collection that leaves the reader eager to enjoy more of her work. (Dec., 278 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider