Bell’s novella is a quirky escapade not to be missed; the only drawback for readers is this installment should have been written as a full-length novel. It’s steampunk written with snap, crackle and pop. Time travel, romance, adventure — this little nugget has it all. Bell will make you want to venture out and do some time pirating.

After giving up the life of a time pirate, Stormy was settling nicely into her peaceful if somewhat bland existence as a wife and mother. Then a chance encounter with a stranger brings her back to the world she gave up — when Phineas Grubb pulls out a time-travel mechanism and drags Stormy’s brother Bacon back to Salem, Mass., in 1698. While the notorious witch trials ended a few years ago, the townsfolk are a bit cantankerous about interlopers appearing as if by magic. Thanks to Grubb’s little stunt, Bacon has been accused of witchcraft and is tossed in jail. Stormy and Dev have to travel back to save Bacon before the frenzy stirs up again, and the progression of history is transformed forever. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco