Lady Sarah Katherine Erridge has loved Aiden Brickston, the Duke of Albrick, for what seems forever, and now that he's returned home she's determined to win his love-any way she can.

Aiden remembers Sarah as a scamp, but she has grown into a lovely, spirited young woman and the battle-scarred duke is hard-pressed to fight off Sarah's attack on his senses. She turns his once orderly world upside down and there's no way he can win.

Their battle goes from verbal sparring to sensual games until Sarah's father neatly tricks Aiden into admitting his love. However, his pride and Sarah's stubbornness continue to collide until they are both forced to face the fact that they might lose the one they love.

This is the finest and funniest romp of the season. Mandalyn Kaye's witty and sometimes uproarious sense of humor adds glitter to this charming romance and readers will not be able to stop themselves from laughing out loud. Ms. Kaye is making her mark as a "love and laughter" author who just shouldn't be missed by anyone who needs some joy in their life. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin