In 1975, 9-year-old Genevieve loses her mother when a mission to evacuate Vietnam war orphans ends in a plane crash in Vietnam. At the same time, the Vietcong force 7-year-old Lan and her mother out of their South Vietnamese home.

In adulthood, both girls question their sense of family and their understanding of God. Gen's infertility leads her and her husband to adopt from Vietnam. Lan has more children than she can support—and no husband. When the women's paths converge, they face many trials to find wholeness at last.

With deft craftsmanship, Gould pens a stunningly effective exploration of another culture that stimulates the mind and piques the emotions. Few situations in life can equal the heartaches overcome by these women of courage. This is a must for anyone's library. (Apr., 368 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson