Image of Beyond the Code of Conduct


Image of Beyond the Code of Conduct

This compelling novel has a liberal amount of sexual tension, interesting characters and covert ops. But Bobbie and Joe's real challenge begins when their undercover assignment is over.

FBI special agent Bobbie Leighton and former homicide detective Joe Sullivan share a past: She's responsible for the loss of his eye and his career. Bobbie and Joe are forced to work together undercover as a wealthy cattleman and his trophy wife to infiltrate a black-market baby-trafficking operation. Their disguise enables them to successfully "adopt" a baby, but an intermediary spots Joe from his days on the force and the transaction is blown.

Joe and Bobbie remain strictly professional while on the job, but their forced proximity rekindles old flames that lead to a night of passion. When they wrap up their case, the brief interlude they shared together is over. Can anything reunite them? (WILD ROSE, May, 187 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown