Dubbed "the Goddess" for her beauty and aloofness, Kyria Moreland is not easily swept off her feet. She's too busy keeping her eccentric family out of trouble—which is how she ends up falling out of a tree onto handsome American Rafe MacIntyre.

With his smooth Southern charm, Rafe can sweet-talk any woman into his arms, but with Kyria he feels something deeper.

When a stranger is killed trying to deliver a box with a fabulous black diamond to Kyria, Rafe is compelled to protect her from whoever killed the messenger. Caught up in the mystery surrounding the artifact, Rafe and Kyria encounter a web of deceit, kidnapping, opium dens and a secret society before everything is revealed.

Amanda Quick fans will relish Camp's foray into a suspenseful mystery, replete with ancient artifacts and a dynamic detective duo out to uncover the truth. All the pieces necessary for a riveting read are here: a cast of endearing, quirky characters, sexual tension, a thrilling climax and a marvelous pair of lovers. SENSUAL (Apr., 407 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin