When investigative journalist Jordan Walker is offered the opportunity to write an authorized biography of billionaire Leonard Hamilton, he figures there must be a catch. Sure enough, in exchange for full access, Leonard wants Jordan to look into the death of his son, Todd, whom he suspects was murdered.

As Jordan begins his investigation, he attends a D.C. party and runs into congressional staffer Lindsay Fleming. A simple touch turns both their worlds upside down as a new, intense psychic bond is formed. As Jordan and Lindsay discover they can communicate telepathically, they also learn that each may have been asked to look into strange happenings at a secret facility called Maple Creek. With all those involved in Todd's case slowly being eliminated, it doesn't take long for Jordan and Lindsay to realize they are prime targets. Can their newly evolving powers help save them?

York dishes up a sexy thriller with this exotic tale of psychic powers intensified by sexual contact. Complex conspiracies, betrayal and dangerous villains make this quite an adventure. (Aug., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith