The team behind Rocha again takes readers Beyond, into their bleak post-apocalyptic society, where the only joy is what you can grab and take for yourself. The O’Kanes are stronger and sexier than ever in this second offering, with cantankerous leader Dallas and brazen Lex taking center stage. Fans won’t be disappointed by their volatile chemistry and incendiary path to love. Readers also gain insight into secondary characters like Ace, Cruz, Six and Bren. And, of course, the power play-themed sex scenes burn the pages, with one sequence even involving six parties getting frisky!

Dallas O’Kane has wanted Lex Parrino to take his ink for years, but their relationship has never been easy. Now, as Lex finally takes steps to claim him and be claimed by him, the O’Kanes’ involvement in ever-shifting, precarious Sector politics may destroy the bond they’ve allowed themselves to acknowledge. Will Dallas let Lex stand by his side — and can Lex let Dallas under her skin and into her heart? (KITROCHA.COM, Mar., 398 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Marla Hardy