Suspense maven Rush punches up the supernatural as she further explores the shocking revelations from her previous book. Up until now, the biggest threat to the Offspring has been governmental agencies run amok, but now the threat is extraterrestrial. The hero in this book is the mysterious shapeshifter Cheveyo, who has been an intriguing presence from the beginning. This hide-and-seek thriller is a terrific addition to an exceptional series.

Because the extraterrestrial Callorian assassin Pope went against his orders and helped save her brother Eric, Petra Aruda feels she owes him. Unfortunately when Pope returned to his parallel dimension, the Collaborate decided they wanted to destroy him. Pope escaped, but now he needs the help of Cheveyo, as the Collaborate has sent an assassin after him. The threat is not just to Pope; if the Collab-orate learns about the Offspring and their genetic tie to the Callorians, they will want the Offspring eliminated. Like his father, Cheveyo has spent his life fighting against the Callorians, and he is also waging a war against his feelings for Petra. Then Yurek the assassin discovers Petra and the deadly hunt is on. (AVON, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith