Amanda Ross has a serious problemshes pregnant, single and has just been promoted to principal of the local high school. Knowing her job is at risk, she reluctantly listens to her doctor and longtime friends suggestiona marriage of convenience. He even has a candidate in mind, Marcus Hickson.

Against her better judgment, Amanda meets with Marcus and discovers a man whose problems are more dire than her own. His devotion to his daughter is humblinghes willing to marry Amanda to gain the funds for the operation his daughter needs to be healthy and whole again.

Amandas heart goes out to Marcus, even as she finds herself incredibly attracted to him. Though she consents to the marriage, she wonders if shell be able to walk away with her heart intact once the marriage has ended.

Marcus has never wanted a woman as much as he wants Amandanot even his ex-wife. Hes learned to control his lust, but the genuine feelings he has for his new wife scare himhes vowed never to be vulnerable to a woman again. He tries to keep the marriage impersonal, but Amandas warmth, generosity and love draw his love-starved soul to her like a moth to the proverbial flame.

But when Amandas newborn son is kidnapped, Marcus realizes that true love cant be denied. Like a knight whos been given new, invincible armor, Marcus rescues his stepson, reclaims his wife and gives his daughter the family shes never had.

Ms. Forster has once again showcased the phenomenal talent that has become her literary signature and professional trademark in her latest, most compelling novel. She creates a hero who isnt too proud to love and a heroine who embodies the quintessential 90s woman, a true Proverbs 31 womanageless, timeless and without equal. (Jan., 312 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson