Image of Beyond Fearless (Beyond, Book 2)


Image of Beyond Fearless (Beyond, Book 2)

This follow-up to Beyond Control furthers the hunt for missing psychic pairs. By linking psychic ability with sexual bonding, York blends sexy intrigue and supernatural thrills and sets up a world where passion can literally save your life.

Anna Ridgeway utilizes her ability to read people's memories in a magic act. Sensing that she's being stalked, she takes a job on a Caribbean island, only to play into the hands of a powerful psychic.

Treasure hunter Zack Robinson is on the island when he sees Anna performing. The connection between them is intense, and they realize they telepathically communicated as children. Neither is aware they were part of the genetic Darien Project, but unfortunately for them, one man does -- and he is obsessed with eliminating all Dariens. With attacks coming from two directions, survival is not looking promising. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith