Escaping the pain of divorce, computer analyst Alisha Sampson is vacationing in New Orleans. She wanders into a small voodoo shop and learns that she has lived there before. Now she must somehow rectify a 100-year-old wrong before it is too late. Within the blink of an eye Alisha finds herself transported to 1882 New Orleans and straight into Rand Kincaid's garden.

Positive Alisha is really Andrea Knight, a beautiful card sharp hunted by the police, Rand gives her refuge.

Though Alisha insists she is not Andrea there is no convincing Rand or anyone else of her true identity. Knowing she has been given only three weeks to save a man's life, Andrea is determined to complete her mission, find the voodoo shop and return to the 20th century. But, it is Rand who holds the winning hand!

Taking a new slant on the genre and presenting readers with another glimpse of how souls move through time, Rosalyn Alsobrook delivers a touching, action-packed and uplifting time-travel romance that will keep readers turning the pages. (June, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin