American Julia Fairchild, on vacation in Scotland, feels she is going insane when she hears a voice and then meets up with Highlander Gavin MacKinnon.

Julia searches through history and finds the journals of Gavins mother. And when Julia finds out that no living MacKinnon is located in the small village, she realizes she is being visited by the ghost of Gavin from 1818. After coming to terms with that, she is begged by Gavin to return to his time to help save the life of his son.

Reluctant and feeling responsible for her orphaned niece, Julia refuses, believing that she is only dreaming. But the attraction to this Highlander is so strong that she is literally swept away into another century.

At first she thinks it will be easysave the child and return to her own time. But she has to convince the living Gavin MacKinnon that his ghost brought her back to save his family legacy.

Ms. Dier has written a wonderful tale of a woman caught between responsibility and melding with her soul mate, and a man so determined to save his family from their awful fate that his spirit can travel through time. (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer