Half sisters Mairi and Colleen Gordon are as close as can be, but they are separated when their parents divorce. Malcolm Gordon's continuing abuse finally forces his wife Vivienne to take Mairi back to France. Teenage Mairi is devastated by both the loss of her older sister and her mother's systematic removal of everything connected to Scotland. Soon, she is no longer Mairi Gordon, but Marielle Girard.

More than a decade later, Marielle learns that far from ignoring her, Colleen has attempted to re-establish contact for years. Determined to rebuild their relationship, Marielle travels to Scotland, only to discover that Colleen died two years previously.

The news devastates Marielle. When she hears rumors regarding Colleen's husband Calum's culpability, Marielle is determined to discover the truth.

Marielle is soon romantically torn between two very different men, Calum and Barry Buchanan. Both had close emotional ties with Colleen.

Loss, abuse, betrayal and passion are powerful forces in BEYOND THE GLEN. Despite the slightly detached aura surrounding her characters, Diane Haeger is proving to be an intriguing voice in mainstream contemporary fiction. (June, 374 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith